Forester and Associates was founded in 1991 as an accounting firm. Mr. Forester worked as a professor at Claifornia State University for 7 years prior to starting his private practice and later on, in the early 1990's, he worked for the State of California as a Corporation Examiner. That period of employment gave our leading attorney good insight into the way the Internal Revenue, Franchise Tax Board and other regulatory agencies audit their licensees and taxpayers.

  Our firm specializes in alcohol and beverage control issues, tax matters, audits and business litigation. Additionally, Mr. Forester has been a California State University Professor; has taught many different subjects, including accounting, business taxation and financial analysis. Our firm uses the latest technology in representing clients and aggressively pursues the goals of our clients.



  Forester and Associates handles tax cases which involve issues with the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization and Employment Development Department. Forester and Associates also handles Alcohol and Beverage Control cases, contract issues and business litigation cases. In addition Forester and Associates prepares individual and corporate partnerships, and trust taxes.

  Forester and Associates also performs compliance audits of various financial and business institutions.

  Forester and Associates represents clients in audits in front of the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization and Employment Development Departments.

  Forester and Associates has successfully represented clients in many cases including:

  *   A contract dispute case on behalf of an elderly client in which we discovered on the stand that the defendant committed forgery.

  *   Forester and Associates also represented a large liquor store-distributor in San Francisco in the Mission district which had been restricted in the sale of alcohol. We successfully negotiated lifting this restriction with the San Francisco Police Department.

  *   Forester and Associates also represented many liquor stores in Northern and Southern California which allegedly sold alcohol to a minor. By an aggressive defense and requesting proper evidence and relying on evidentiary matters, many of the cases were dismissed.

  *   Forester and Associates represented various clients in front of the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board. We have successfully reduced the amount of tax liabilities for various clients.

  *   Forester and Associates has filed a personal injury case against a big movie studio for $14 million dollars, and the case was successfully settled for an undisclosed amount of money.



  This firm represented a medical professional client in front of the Internal Revenue Service. We argued that entertainment expenses are expenses related to the client's W-2 and not his corporation return. As a result we amended the individual and corporate return and the IRS agreed with our findings.

  This firm also represented a client in front of the Alcohol- Beverage Control Appeals Board. We argued that the Alcohol-Beverage Control findings at the trial level was biased toward the client because the client did not speak proper English and could not understand the directions given to him by the San Francisco Police Department. We were able to get an extension from the Appeals Board to file a brief and meanwhile the client was able to find a buyer for his liquor store.

  In a DUI case (driving under the influence) in San Francisco Municipal Court, our firm requested some evidentiary matters which previously never had been asked for in these kinds of cases. As a result of our request the District Attorney was not able to provide the evidence and the case was dismissed by the judge.

  In a law suit against a big movie studio, our firm discovered that various accidents, similar to the accident that injured our client, had happened earlier at the same location where our client was injured. We were able through legal means to obtain internal accidents reports for those accidents and that created the situation wherein the defendant agreed to a favorable settlement for our client.






Last Updated: May 2, 2005