Our firm also provides financial planning. Having CPAs and Attorneys on our staff give us the advantage that is not shared by a lot of other CPAs and Law firms. We can analyze your financial situation from the prospective of a CPA with a tax background. In addition, being lawyers on staff gives us the ability to also see these financial and tax issues in the proper legal format, which reduces the amount of money and time spent when an attorney and a CPA have to review these problems separately.

  People learn the financial keys to success at home or from some knowledgeable professionals. What you don't know can hurt you. In this complex financial world it is very important to know how you can navigate through these complex financial potholes.   Approximately one million personal bankruptcies and business reorganization bankruptcies are filed in the United States every year. Proper financial planning can prevent such a problem.

  Lack of proficiency in personal financial management causes not only tremendous anxiety but also serious problems. It is very important to talk with an expert before making these costly mistakes.

  Forester and Associates is experienced in financial management. We will assist you to manage your money; we will assist you in creating an investment strategy to create retirement assets and avoid paying substantial amounts of taxes.

  Part of financial planning is also tax planning. By having a CPA with tax insight we will be able to create tax shelters which will reduce your tax liability.


Last Updated: March 9, 2005